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Google Chrome Command Line Switches

Na Wasze życzenie poszperałem i udało mi się wyszukać w sieci parametry uruchamiania Google Chrome. Nie testowałem ich, tak więc nie ręczę za ich funkcjonowanie. Jest to pole do popisu dla lubiących eksperymentować. Może spróbujecie i podzielicie się z nami swoimi doświadczeniami? Zapraszam do komentarzy.
Dla przypomnienia parametr umieszczamy we właściwościach skrótu po spacji i dwóch myślnikach.

// Copyright (c) 2010 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.

#include "chrome/common/chrome_switches.h"

#include "base/base_switches.h"
#include "base/command_line.h"

namespace switches {

// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Can't find the switch you are looking for? try looking in
// base/ instead.
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

// Activate (make foreground) myself on launch. Helpful when Chrome
// is launched on the command line (e.g. by Selenium). Only needed on Mac.
const char kActivateOnLaunch[] = "activate-on-launch";

// By default, file:// URIs cannot read other file:// URIs. This is an
// override for developers who need the old behavior for testing.
const char kAllowFileAccessFromFiles[] = "allow-file-access-from-files";

// Disable checking of the renegotiation extension and any future checks over
// and above what a "traditional" SSL stack might do. This has been requested
// in order to support some web development tools that intercept SSL
// connections.
const char kAllowSSLMITMProxies[] = "allow-ssl-mitm-proxies";

// Allows debugging of sandboxed processes (see
const char kAllowSandboxDebugging[] = "allow-sandbox-debugging";

// Allows injecting extensions and user scripts on the extensions
// gallery site. Normally prevented for security reasons, but can be
// useful for automation testing of the gallery.
const char kAllowScriptingGallery[] = "allow-scripting-gallery";

// Enable web inspector for all windows, even if they're part of the browser.
// Allows us to use our dev tools to debug browser windows itself.
const char kAlwaysEnableDevTools[] = "always-enable-dev-tools";

// Specifies that the associated value should be launched in "application" mode.
const char kApp[] = "app";

// Specifies that the extension-app with the specified id should be launched
// according to its configuration.
const char kAppId[] = "app-id";

// Lacks meaning with out kApp. Causes the specified app to be launched in an
// panel window.
const char kAppLaunchAsPanel[] = "app-launch-as-panel";

// Makes the app launcher popup when a new tab is created.
const char kAppsPanel[] = "apps-panel";

// The URL to use for the gallery link in the app launcher.
const char kAppsGalleryURL[] = "apps-gallery-url";

// Disable throbber for extension apps.
const char kAppsNoThrob[] = "apps-no-throb";

// Whether to display the "Debug" link for app launch behavior.
const char kAppsDebug[] = "apps-debug";

// Whitelist of servers that Negotiate will generate delegated Kerberos tickets
// for.
const char kAuthNegotiateDelegateWhitelist[] =

// HTTP authentication schemes to enable. This is a comma separated list
// of authentication schemes (basic, digest, ntlm, and negotiate). By default
// all schemes are enabled. The primary use of this command line flag is to help
// triage autentication-related issues reported by end-users.
const char kAuthSchemes[] = "auth-schemes";

// Whitelist of servers which NTLM and Negotiate can automatically authenticate
// with using the default credentials of the currently logged in user.
const char kAuthServerWhitelist[] = "auth-server-whitelist";

// The value of this switch tells the app to listen for and broadcast
// automation-related messages on IPC channel with the given ID.
const char kAutomationClientChannelID[] = "automation-channel";

// Block non-sandboxed plugins.
const char kBlockNonSandboxedPlugins[] = "block-nonsandboxed-plugins";

// Causes the browser process to throw an assertion on startup.
const char kBrowserAssertTest[] = "assert-test";

// Causes the browser process to crash on startup.
const char kBrowserCrashTest[] = "crash-test";

// Path to the exe to run for the renderer and plugin subprocesses.
const char kBrowserSubprocessPath[] = "browser-subprocess-path";

// Run Chrome in Chrome Frame mode. This means that Chrome expects to be run
// as a dependent process of the Chrome Frame plugin.
const char kChromeFrame[] = "chrome-frame";

// The unique id to be used for this cloud print proxy instance.
const char kCloudPrintProxyId[] = "cloud-print-proxy-id";

// The URL of the cloud print service to use, overrides any value
// stored in preferences, and the default. Only used if the cloud
// print service has been enabled (see enable-cloud-print).
const char kCloudPrintServiceURL[] = "cloud-print-service";

// The Country we should use. This is normally obtained from the operating
// system during first run and cached in the preferences afterwards. This is a
// string value, the 2 letter code from ISO 3166-1.
const char kCountry[] = "country";

// Enables support to debug printing subsystem.
const char kDebugPrint[] = "debug-print";

// Triggers a pletora of diagnostic modes.
const char kDiagnostics[] = "diagnostics";

// Disables accelerated compositing.
const char kDisableAcceleratedCompositing[] =

// Disables the alternate window station for the renderer.
const char kDisableAltWinstation[] = "disable-winsta";

// Disable the ApplicationCache.
const char kDisableApplicationCache[] = "disable-application-cache";

// Disable extension apps.
const char kDisableApps[] = "disable-apps";

// Replaces the audio IPC layer for

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Emiya Shirou pisze...

Nie działają żadne parametry u mnie na chrome, bo mam spacje w nazwie użytkownika, co jest równoznaczne z tym, że folder usera też ją posiada. Nie radze nawet próbować, jeśli ktoś ma tak jak ja bo nie zadziała.

gharou pisze...

Emiya Shirou: zdaje się, że cudzysłowie rozwiązuje problem ;)

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